Calm Anxiety With This Easy Technique

Calm Anxiety With This Easy Technique

Jamaica Bravo

Anxiety has been getting more and more attention lately as people are beginning to realize how widespread anxiety issues have become, and how debilitating the attacks can be if not quickly treated. If you’re a person who has struggled with anxiety, you know all too well the horrid helpless feeling that comes over you as your thought patterns and physical symptoms begin to spin out of control. Whether your anxiety is still in the mild stages of chronic worrying or whether it’s begun to turn into full-blown panic attacks, headaches and nausea, there are strategies you can use in times of stress to ease your symptoms.

These techniques are becoming more and more popular as more people are becoming brave enough to reach out and ask for help. Therapists have quickly come to realize that anxiety can plague anyone at any time if the right stressors come up in their lives. New techniques like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness have been employed to help those afflicted with anxiety symptoms, be they mild or severe, learn practical coping methods that they can use in their daily lives to ease their suffering.

This video shows one such trick which uses a breathing technique to naturally calm the body and stimulate brain cells to promote calm and rational thoughts to decrease those wild, racing ones. This breathing technique is popular among yoga-practitioners and has been used by thousands of years by yogis to help achieve a calm, almost meditative state. It increases awareness and feelings of well-being and can be used anywhere once you know how to do it. T

his is perfect for those moments where you have only a few minutes to take a break from a stressful social situation or work place scenario. Simply excuse yourself to the bathroom or go for a quick walk to find a quiet nook where you can practice the technique. Try it a few times before giving up on it, as sometimes these approaches take a little time for your body to begin reliably responding to. The effects may be subtle at first, but should increase with practice. Let us know how well this works for you and if you have found other great ways of calming down your anxious thoughts that might be helpful to others.

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