Apple Pie Fries – You NEED To Try These!

Apple Pie Fries

Apple Pie Fries – You NEED To Try These!

Ashley Rego

Shoestring, waffle, sweet potato, steak…when it comes to french fries, I don’t discriminate.

But never in my life have I heard of dessert french fries! Yes, those crispy, toasty, salty sticks of starchy goodness have taken a turn for the…sweeter.

YouTube vlogger LovelyLadyCakes has taken one of our most-loved dessert recipes and transformed it into a sugary version of those classic dipping snacks.

With a little creativity, she slices and dices a very simple apple pie recipe to convert the elegant dessert into bite-sized fry shapes. These sweet fries wouldn’t be complete without the perfect dipping sauce to go alongside.¬†And what goes better with apple pie than caramel? That’s right, drench those apple-infused fries in a velvety, creamy caramel emulsion and send your tastebuds on a magical journey!

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