Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

Erika Carter

I live in a house with two cats. Or, I should say, I know two cats who let me live with them. I am grateful for their hospitality. It extends beyond providing me a roof over my head. They let me sleep with them and serve their every whim. I know when to wake in the morning, offer new palatable menus and freshen the cat ‘facilities’. Their generosity is a source of joy, entertainment, relaxation and learning. I learn from my cats every day and I am stronger from their simple lessons no dog ever taught me.

1. Be self-sufficient. Food given to you is great but the food you hunt for is better. It doesn’t have to be alive. Sharp teeth can open any bag. Anything discovered on a kitchen counter is fair game.

2. Don’t be intimidated by size. One quick scratch on the nose can stop anyone. Try it.

3. Be clean. My cats and I share a complex grooming routine that must be repeated throughout the day. Ask any woman how long it takes to get ready to leave the house. Or ask her husband.

4. Amuse yourself. Combine a window, comfy chair and chirping birds. The afternoon goes by in a blink. Who knew life could be so relaxing?

5. Surprises are fun, especially when they come in a box. Any box, but cat sized is preferable.

Cats are way better…Even dogs agree.

Hug your cat today, carefully. SHARE the love and pass it on!