Astronaut Karen Nyberg Shows Us How You Wash Hair in Space and It’s So Cool!

Astronaut Karen Nyberg Shows Us How You Wash Hair in Space and It’s So Cool!

Angela Markus

Astronauts are incredibly brave and unbelievably intelligent. The average person can only imagine the challenge and excitement of living in space and very few get to live it. Can you imagine living on the International Space Station, performing all human activities in microgravity? Let your mind go with that one…

Expedition 36 Flight Engineer Karen Nyberg is shampooing her hair on the International Space Station and making our daily task look so darn cool! She begins the video showing us the items she uses. Just look at her hair flowing!

She uses a small pouch of warm water, a bottle of shampoo, a towel and a comb.

She begins the process by squirting water into her hair from the pouch. Watch as the water escapes. Shen then works the water into her hair all the way to the ends. She repeats the process with the shampoo. She squirts some onto her scalp and works it into her hair. She uses a comb to help the process of working in the shampoo.

Karen then takes a towel to rub her scalps which work as a substitute for running water to get the dirt out. She adds some more water to work it in, accompanied by the comb. After she uses the towel to dry off the excess water.

Interestingly, Karen explains that the water will evaporate into the air, that will become humidity. Then the air conditioning system will collect that as it condensates. The condensation is then transformed into drinking water, at some point. Amazing, right?!

She finishes off with a final comb to ensure there are no tangles. Betcha didn’t know how astronauts washed their hair before, huh?
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