7-Year-Old Audrey Nethery Whips and Nae Naes Better Than Anyone Else

7-Year-Old Audrey Nethery Whips and Nae Naes Better Than Anyone Else

Angela Markus

The energy and passion of Audrey Nethery exceeds inspiring. She was diagnosed with Diamond-Blackfan anemia, a bone marrow disorder, at 2 months old, but she doesn’t let that stop her from dancing and singing her heart out.

Audrey became the talk of the town when she hit the stage at a Zumba Convention in Orlando, Florida. Her love for Zumba started when a local gym in her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky started offering Zumba classes. Audrey has been taking dance lessons at the gym since she was a year old. Since then, her love for the art has grown.

Julie Haise, Audrey’s mom, said in an interview, “When she’s not doing Zumba, she’s singing and dancing, and there was a lot of singing and dancing.” After a killer performance at the conventions, she was overwhelmed by all the attention. Everyone wanted to take a picture with the Zumba rockstar! Can you blame them?

Now Audrey is showing off her dancing skills yet again. Watch her as she whips and nae naes. She is so good at it, she can teach us a thing or two. Audrey’s father told Daily Mail Online, his daughter has plenty of energy and a positive outlook.



Audrey’s efforts are in an attempt to bring awareness to Diamond-Blackfin anemia.

According to Genetics Home Reference, Diamond-Blackfan anemia is a disorder of the bone marrow. The major function of bone marrow is to produce new blood cells. In Diamond-Blackfan anemia, the bone marrow malfunctions and fails to make enough red blood cells, which carry oxygen to the body’s tissues.

We love Audrey, get it girl!

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