One Little Girl Zumba Dancing To Raise Awareness

Little Zumba Dancer

One Little Girl Zumba Dancing To Raise Awareness

Patrick Dangermond


Audrey Nethery loves to dance. I mean…she absolutely LOVES to dance. One of her parents favorite things to do is take video of little Aubrey dancing and publish it on YouTube. Her parents have used this popularity to raise awareness for her life-threatening illness.

At such a young age, Audrey was diagnosed with an illness called Diamond-Blackfan anemia, an illness that causes her bone marrow to be unable to produce enough red blood cells to carry oxygen around her body.


This has resulted in Audrey facing a number of other health issues as well. In her short life, she has already had to endure more than 20 blood transfusions. 50% of people with her condition have to have blood transfusions every three to five weeks.

None of this has stopped her from enjoying music, dancing and helping to raise money and awareness for this illness.


Posting photos and videos on their Facebook page, Audrey’s parents have been able to raise thousands of dollars for the DBA Foundation. Her dad Scott said, “Audrey is a happy, loving, smart, little girl who loves to dance, listen to music, and collect dolls and stuffed animals. She is incredibly strong and leaves an impression on everyone she meets!”

Audrey is a special little girl whose story has touched our hearts.


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