Study Finds Babies Born In The Summer Tend To Be Healthier Adults

Study Finds Babies Born In The Summer Tend To Be Healthier Adults

Angela Markus

Horoscopes are perhaps the original guilty pleasure. For every culture throughout history that believed our fates hinge on our zodiac signs, there was a skeptic calling B.S. But a recent Cambridge University study has found that female babies born in the summer are healthier female babies born at other times of the year.

Almost a half a million people were involved in the study, published in the journal Heliyon, which studied the growth and development of UK men and women. Previous studies had reported the effects of birth season on weight and health, leading Dr. Perry and his team to study the timing of puberty, an important link between early life and later health, more closely.

Their results revealed that babies born in June, July and August were heavier at birth and taller as adults. The study also revealed that girls born in the summer started puberty later –an indication of better health in adult life.

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Researchers concluded that the environment in the womb leads to differences in early life, including before birth, and development throughout childhood and into adulthood. They suggested that higher vitamin D exposure in the second trimester of pregnancy could explain the effect. But more work is needed to understand the mechanisms behind this effect.

Dr. Perry said, “We need to understand these mechanisms before our findings can be translated into health benefits.”

Not sure how I feel about this study as a winter baby.

What month were you born and do you believe this study to be true?

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