Mom Sets Up Hidden Camera To Catch Babies Sneaking From Their Cribs

Mom Sets Up Hidden Camera To Catch Babies Sneaking From Their Cribs

Angela Markus

Cribs are meant to keep our little ones safely in one place, but some stealthy children have found ingenious ways of escaping this captivity. Jennifer Pool’s twin boys complete Mission Impossible by finding ways to clamber over their barriers. This type of phenomenal baby escape is always amusing to watch. When mom was curious as to how her babies were able to defy their constraints, she got to recording.

There are numerous YouTube videos displaying the often jaw-dropping skills of toddlers who just don’t want to stay put. But these twin brothers are exceptional. As mom is setting up the camera, the babies are clearly upset. Neither wants to go to bed. When mom leaves, the tears immediately stop—an incredible trait most babies seem to have. Baby number one, the apparent team leader, is the braver of the two and immediately jumps out of the crib.

We then see him fiddling with the door, trying to conquer the next phase of the breakout. Baby number two wants to follow his sibling but delays quite a bit.  When the escaped twin figures out how to open the door, he quickly closes it and tells his brother to be quiet. Amazing!

When the mom bust the boys and asks what did they do, both boys seem to choose plausible deniability.

Best prison break ever!

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