Baby and Puppy Lose It When Dad Comes Home

Baby and Puppy Lose It When Dad Comes Home

Jamaica Bravo

Talk about some family love! This adorable diaper-wearing toddler and his furry best friend are SO excited for their dad to get home! What father wouldn’t want to be greeted like this after a long, exhausting day at work? Their level of enthusiasm and energy is amazing and invigorating to see. You will find yourself giggling out loud, right along with the mother in the video, as both baby and pet hop up and down in unbridled anticipation in front of the screen door.

If the first time you watch it, you don’t catch the moment where the father’s vehicle appears on screen, hit replay, because you absolutely must see the son’s immediate reaction to seeing his dad’s car! Watch and get ready to smile at the cute little jig this baby spontaneously performs the second he gets a glimpse of his dad’s bright red automobile turning the street corner and heading toward their house. The cute little blonde-haired baby can hardly contain himself! The second he sees that red bumper, he begins to jump and stomp his feet, yelling “Daddy!” at the top of his precious little lungs, for all the world to hear.

You can practically hear his mom smiling as her little bundle of joy tries waving through the screen at his father. When that wave doesn’t result in Dad arriving any faster, the precocious toddler resumes dancing and pounds playfully on the screen door. But the cutest part of the video is when the family pet shows that she’s just about excited as the baby is, and begins to mimic the toddler’s cavorting and yells with some hopping and squealing of her own. Their mutual excitement is hilarious.

I couldn’t help but laugh as both baby and dog paw at the screen together, and jump practically, in unison, when dear old Dad pulls up into the driveway. I can only imagine the reception the much-loved and clearly greatly-missed father received when he opened up that door!

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