Baby Boy Gets Driven Around By His Furry Best Friend

Baby Boy Gets Driven Around By His Furry Best Friend

Angela Markus

If you are having a bad day, this puppy at the wheel is sure to cheer you up.

Proud mom and dog owner Jessica Wolf was recently enjoying some play time with her son when she caught the most adorable moment that was too cute not to film. While her son Oliver was enjoying his remote-controlled toy car, their puppy named Daisy decided to hop in for a ride. Instead of just being a passenger, however, the four-legged pooch decided to grab the wheel and help control the vehicle. Amazing!

Accompanying the video, Jessica wrote, “Daisy loves to drive Oliver around in their car. Yes, she is really steering it. Hope you enjoy.”

And enjoy we did!

The red convertible is a remote control car, and you can see Daisy likes driving. Jessica explains, “Daisy loves to stand on the car and move the wheel herself, if you notice she mostly pushes to the left, so the car drives to the left most of the time. So I sometimes will help move the wheel to the right in order to let her move it again to the left herself. And to help them avoid from hitting anything if it is needed.”

Although most of surely enjoy this clip, there were some that thought the footage was staged.

Now if only this puppy had the skills to be a Uber driver… five┬ástars all day, every day!

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