Mom Catches Her Son Covered In Peanut Butter, Thanks to His Big Sister

Mom Catches Her Son Covered In Peanut Butter, Thanks to His Big Sister

Angela Markus

It never fails, kids will be kids. Whenever you leave them alone for just a moment, silence only indicates they’re up to something. That’s why this mother knew her kids were up to something when she heard them awfully quiet in the other room. This mischievous duo is about to brighten up your day.

Mom left dad in charge of the kids only to discover that her 3-year-old Emily had covered her baby brother Ethan in peanut butter.

“What are you doing?” Mom asks her daughter as she films the entire disaster. Even though this little girl is so busted, her adorable shrugs and attempts to sweet talk her way out of trouble are remarkable. “I knew you two would be getting into something, I just didn’t imagine it would be this,” Mom says with a laugh.

The main attraction, 18-month-old Ethan seems to be enjoying his butter bath. Mom jokingly asks, “Does that feel good?” His unexpected response has mom cracking up even more!

The cleaning effort seems so challenging! Mom doesn’t seem to be too bothered by the disaster because the moment is magical. It is moments like these that make you cherish every minute with your bundles of preciousness. Because before you know it, time will surely fly by.

What’s the worst disaster you’ve ever walked in on? Let us know.

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