Baby is Brought to Tears By His Mother’s Singing

Baby is Brought to Tears By His Mother’s Singing

Angela Markus

When we see babies crying, it is usually because they’re alerting us to the fact that they are in need. Maybe they are hungry, a diaper needs to be changed, or just cranky. This little guy is shedding tears because he is so moved by his mother’s singing. It is unbelievable!

Lauren was feeding her baby boy Leland some lunch when she couldn’t help but admire his beauty. Even with all his messiness, an adorable face like that gets a pass. Then mom decided to record her little blessing while singing to him.

As she sang the lyrics to Chris Tomlin’s hit song “Good Good Father,” little Leland’s face changed. When she hits the high note, this little guy breaks down in a silent cry, and it is the sweetest thing imaginable. Lauren continues singing nonetheless while her son remains enraptured by the powerful song with tears streaming down his face. Most mothers sing to their babies in an attempt to soothe them or put them to sleep, but Leland was just so overwhelmed by his mom’s voice, he couldn’t help but shed a tear.

The love a mother has for her baby is unlike any other, but this video shows that the love a baby has for his mother is just as strong.

Lauren, we thank you for sharing this with the world!

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