Baby Elephant Rescued After Getting Stuck In Well

Baby Elephant Rescued After Getting Stuck In Well

Angela Markus

Seeing anyone, let alone a helpless little animal in distress, is heartbreaking. However, the moment they are rescued welcomes the most comforting feeling. Watch as this baby elephant walks free from a well after being trapped inside for more than an hour.

The mammal had fallen into a water well and became distressed when it was unable to climb out. Luckily, residents of Kuttampuzha village in the Indian state of Kerala raised the alarm, and a rescue team was deployed to save the elephant.

Residents used an excavator to dig away at the side of the well creating a makeshift path that enabled the mammal to climb free. Footage of the incident shows the little creature, part-submerged in muddy water.

Desperate to escape, the elephant rather adorably uses its trunk to help dig away at the muddy wall and create a makeshift path. The rescue workers can be seen carefully avoiding crushing the mammal’s trunk with the backhoe of the excavator.

After careful removal of the wall, the path was accessible enough for the elephant to use. Although the elephant struggled to get its footing at first, it eventually was able to get to the top and climb out of the pit.

A crowd of villagers happily cheered when the mammal finally manages to pull itself free. I am sure it ran straight to its loved one.

Rescue efforts always put a smile on my face.

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