Baby Drifts Out To Sea And Parents Sunbathe On The Beach

Baby Drifts Out To Sea And Parents Sunbathe On The Beach

Angela Markus

Picture this! A family goes to the beach for a lovely day of fun in the sun. The parents place the baby in an inflatable device, so the 10-month baby girl can play in the shallow waters as the parents soak up some much needed sunrays. Relaxation cause parents to maybe doze off for a minute or two. Possible right? Some of you may be screaming no way, but this video shows how such a scenario could go terribly wrong. That yellow object in the water is a baby girl drifting more than 1,000 yards out into the water.

This video is as disturbing as it is real. A beach-goer captures a baby floating out to sea unbeknownst to her parents. The only thing between the baby and death is a floatable device. How could something like this happen? Who is helping? Why are people not doing more? More important, where are the parents!?

Some beach goers on the coast of a Turkish sea attempt to rescue the child as she drifts further out into the sea, but are met with failure. Luckily the Turkish Coast Guard reaches to the child’s safety and scoops her out of the water. Returning her to the arms of what appears to be her mother. The baby looks unharmed in the video as she smiles passing by the beach goer capturing the terrifying footage.

According to the Center for Disease Control, one in every five drowning deaths are children. For every one drowning death, another five experience emergency department care for non-fatal submersion injuries. It is hard to believe that the cause of this incident was the callousness of the parents.

Thankfully, the Coast Guard was able to rescue the baby girl before anything terrible happened. The Coast Guard were cheered on (rightfully so) when the baby was recovered, and safely placed in the hands of the mom.

For more information about drowning and its statistics, visit The Center For Disease Control and Prevention.

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