Baby Girl Is So Happy To Be Seeing Clearly For The First Time With Her New Pink Glasses

Baby Girl Is So Happy To Be Seeing Clearly For The First Time With Her New Pink Glasses

Angela Markus

Infants with vision difficulties happen more often than you think. Baby Piper had difficulty seeing clearly, but fortunately for her, Mom got her baby glasses with an elastic band that goes around her head to keep the glasses in place.

Watch as Piper fights her mom to get the glasses on. After a few moments of struggle, the glasses are on. It doesn’t take long before Piper realizes the world is so much brighter, clearer and more beautiful. She looks around in awe. Mom asks, “Can you see?” Piper responds with a smile and you can’t help but smile back.

She then looks at Dad with her bright eyes. She gasps and Dad, the videographer, laughs at her reaction.

Although little people are unable to fully express their feelings and emotions verbally, it’s remarkable to see their reactions in their body language and facial expressions. It was clear Piper was amazed that she could see with some clarity. Her onesie describes Piper best — Cutie.

More and more children are being diagnosed with vision problems. Glasses serve a crucial purpose. They aid in the development of a child’s vision and brain. Not only will glasses help to fix near and farsightedness, it will also help fix amblyopia, or lazy eye. Glasses can also fix eye misalignment.

Pediatrics groups recommend that eye screening should begin at the age of three.

However children with a family history of eye problems, or may have the tendency to develop eyes crossing, drooping eyelids or infections, should seek earlier attention. The American Optometric Association suggest that babies should be screened as early as six to 12 months.

No disability is fun for a child, but when you see just how adorable Piper looks in her new pink glasses, it’s not so bad after all…

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