Airport Security Noticed Something Unusual in The Scanner. What They Found? SHOCKING

Airport Security Noticed Something Unusual in The Scanner. What They Found? SHOCKING

Kendall Conners

Personally, I’ve never tried to smuggle anything through airport security, but I can’t imagine it’d go very well. It’s already nerve-racking enough to go through that X-ray machine and have your personal belongings inspected by complete strangers, let’s not throw illegal substances in the mix.

But for this particular story one woman wasn’t trying to get drugs or weapons on an airplane, she was trying to smuggle something a little more personal. A baby.

A mother placed her sleeping newborn in a backpack and sent it through the airport scanner at Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila. As soon as the backpack went through the scanner airport personnel noticed something wasn’t right.


They opened the backpack and discovered a two-month-old baby, sleeping soundly inside the backpack, according to ABS-CBN News. The mother of the baby and owner of the backpack was identified as Jenifer Pavolaurea.

Pavolaurea, who is a 25-year old single mother, admitted to attempting to smuggle her practically newborn son out of the country. Unfortunately, she couldn’t get him out of the country the proper way because she lacked the required immigration clearance he needed.

Oddly enough, before her sleeping baby was even discovered an immigration officer was questioning Pavolaurea for being an alien who had overstayed her welcome. In the end, no charges were filed and mother and baby were eventually allowed to depart for Papua New Guinea, where they had originally intended to go.

Luckily, no harm came to the baby who was snoozing in the backpack. If you thought this story was as CRAZY as I did, please SHARE!


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