This Baby’s Adorable Laughter Is Cute and Contagious

This Baby’s Adorable Laughter Is Cute and Contagious

Angela Markus

We know that laughter is the best medicine, but there is nothing more joyous than a baby’s laughter. Baby Nowah laughing at her father is the best thing you will see all week. It is beyond therapeutic.

Experts believe that a child’s sense of humor reflects their new intellectual achievements.  Humor is, in essence, a form of intellectual play. Children have a built-in tendency to have fun with newly developed skills—both physical and mental, so Nowah’s laughter might indicate that she understands just what papa is trying to do.

Can you think of anything sweeter than the sight of a father taking his little princess for a stroll? That unchanging travel will positively bond them as father and daughter. But even more special than that is Nowah’s time out with her dad. He had something up his sleeve and Nowah thinks it’s hilarious.

While the two were walking, her father tries to pronounce “Papa”, given that “Mama” was no problem for her anymore. “Papa” seemed to be a bit formidable and he figured just how to help the toddler master his name.

The only problem is, every time he says “Papa,” Nowah reacts in the most adorable way. She bursts into a hysterical laughter. It is so contagious; you can’t help to laugh along with her. This lesson is a humorous one we can all appreciate.

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