Adorable Baby Giggles Every Time His Parents Kiss

Adorable Baby Giggles Every Time His Parents Kiss

Angela Markus

Somewhere between that first smile and that first recognizable syllable comes the magical sound of baby’s first laughter. It may be a reaction to kisses on the belly, a tickling of toes, or a bouncy ride on Dad’s knee. The triggers vary, but the laughter is inevitable. But while some toddlers and other children might squirm at the sight of their parents kissing, this little guy is beyond tickled.

This baby’s laughter is infectious. As his parents kiss each other, he can’t stop laughing. It is so enjoyable that mom and dad can’t help but keep a straight face while he is chuckling away.

Why is a baby’s laugh so contagious?  Is it the pure joy of the child? Or does it remind your innocent days? Whatever the reason, it is the one antidote to any depressing day. When we grow up, simple things don’t make us happy anymore, and when we see children laugh, it makes us realize that there is so much in the world that is happy. They find the beauty in everything.

His laughter is so amusing that he is literally putting smiles on everyone’s faces. He will surely do the same to you and be the best thing you see all day.

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