When A Baby Teaches A Dance Class The World Becomes A Better Place.

When A Baby Teaches A Dance Class The World Becomes A Better Place.

Jamaica Bravo

What do you want to be when you grow up, little boy? I want to be a firefighter, a police officer, a superhero!

In today’s society, it’s these types of responses that we expect little boys to have to questions like theses. But here’s one little boy who’s pushing the boundaries of gender-stereotypes and proving little boys can be absolutely anything they want to be — even ballerinas!

In a professional dance studio stood three talented dancers. Just below them was a toddler, no more than two years of age. You don’t realize it at first, but this toddler not only has incredible dances moves, he’s an exceptional leader!

Watch as the dancers follow his every move. From rolling on the floor to standing on tippy-toes, they’ve managed to make this toddler’s move look breathtakingly beautiful!

Even better than this elegant performance is this toddler’s reaction. He’s just loving leading a team!

When the dance class ends, everyone seems to have been emotionally moved by such a beautiful, improvised dance number. Surely, this young little man will grow up to be a professional dancer … or maybe he’ll be a fireman or a policeman or a baseball player. All we know is, he’s an incredible leader!

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