When Baby Takes His First Step, He Does Something So Funny

When Baby Takes His First Step, He Does Something So Funny

Angela Markus

Babies are a blessing, and they know how to bring a great deal of joy and happiness into our lives with almost everything they do. As adults, we get to see all of the first moments and relive the joy through these little angels. The first smile, words and steps. Here is a beautiful example—an adorable toddler who is learning how to walk.

But this is no ordinary first for this bundle of joy– it is a squeaky one. The milestone of walking is exciting on so many levels. It is a matter of gaining confidence and balance. One day your child is standing against the couch, and the next he is tottering hesitantly into your waiting arms.

This little man takes his first walk and hears something extremely funny that sends him into a joyous eruption of laughter. With each step he takes, his shoes squeak a little bit, and then the baby boy bursts out laughing. It is so funny that he does it again and again, must to mom’s enjoyment.

I can watch this baby all day long. Also, I can’t wait to see him try the other foot. Adorable! 

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