This Baby’s Love For Bacon Is Too Relatable

This Baby’s Love For Bacon Is Too Relatable

Angela Markus

There are few foods as appealing as bacon. The mere smell of it can take you by the nose and guide you toward the kitchen. It vaults anything from eggs to chocolate to Brussels sprouts to new levels of deliciousness. That would explain why this baby’s had such an incredible reaction to trying the food for the first time.

Melissa Beach from Fullerton, California posted footage of her one-year-old son Easton’s priceless reaction to nibbling on a rasher of bacon. At first, he stares at the cured meat before fluttering his eyelids in delight and giggling in satisfaction.

His little sound of contentment is met with a much louder laugh from the people watching him before Easton then vocalizes his delight and shouts, “Bacon!” His family then repeats the word before Easton says it again, and again getting a little louder and slightly clearer each time.

He shuts his eyes and savors the amazing flavor, causing his family to chuckle at his love for the food. Responding to the laughter, the youngster smiles at his family before shouting the word bacon a few more times and giggling to himself. Easton stuffs more of the cured meat into his mouth and squeals, yet again, in delight of the taste.

Easton, I know the feeling!

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