Surprised Baby Isn’t Sure How To React Towards His Mother’s Twin

Surprised Baby Isn’t Sure How To React Towards His Mother’s Twin

Angela Markus

A mother played an adorable and wicked trick on her 10-month-old baby that left the little one utterly confused. Tiny Felix’s expression tells it all when he meets his mom’s twin for the first time.

The hilarious moment was captured when Felix, who was born in Lithuania last year, met face to face with his aunt while on a visit to Montreal, Canada. In the clip, the child sees his aunt walk through the door and flashes a big smile before staring at her intently while she holds him and introduces herself.

While holding the young child, Felix stares at her in a somewhat scary amazement while the others in the room are heard bursting into laughter at his cute reaction. His aunt says, “I don’t think he knows what to do” before the woman filming says “Who is that? That’s your Aunt Steph.” Felix wonders whether to touch her face or look away. But eventually decides to stroke her face as she continues to laugh at his shock.

The boy’s father, Dainius Sileika, posted a comical clip with the best description. He wrote, “While visiting Montreal, the 10-month-old was introduced to his aunt who looks very similar to his mother!” Unfortunately for the poor little guy, he had a little trouble coming to terms with the situation!

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