Dad Pressed Firmly And Baby Moves In Mom’s Belly!

Dad Pressed Firmly And Baby Moves In Mom’s Belly!

Jamaica Bravo

First time parents just might be the most anxious people in the world. They’re about to embark on the exhilarating journey of parenthood, a responsibility many have but few can master.

These excited soon-to-be parents had been recording every minute of their journey while pregnant, but it was one video that encouraged them to share their excitement with the world.

While Dad was admiring his wife’s pudgy belly, he decided to see if his little one was awake inside. He pressed firmly on her stomach and nothing happened. Then he tried it again. Nothing. It wasn’t until his third try giving his little girl a nudge, that he managed to get the attention and got her moving!

You can distinctly see her head from beneath Mom’s belly move from one side of her womb to the other. I can’t tell if she was moving with annoyance or curiosity,  but it’s clear that once Dad woke her up, she was up for good.

Look out parents — this baby looks like she’s ready to take over the world!

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