When You See These Baby Onesies, You’ll Know Why They Were Ripped Off The Shelves!

When You See These Baby Onesies, You’ll Know Why They Were Ripped Off The Shelves!

Sophia Gioiello

If you have ever stepped inside a campus bookstore, you know that you can count on finding certain items – no matter what!

Maybe it’s a campus-themed sweatshirt that proudly represents your Alma mater, a coffee mug that shows off where your son or daughter plans to attend in the fall or one of the countless, over-priced textbooks that you have to buy. But this campus bookstore has their shelves stocked with an item that is causing quite the uproar.

The bookstore at NYU sells baby gear for the shoppers with little ones, however it was one particular onesie that caught the attention of a campus employee.

At first glance, the photo below is just two onesies. But, can you guess which one is meant for the girls and which is for the boys?


The employee, Jason Y. Evans, posted the picture on Facebook followed with the caption:

“I had a very difficult time not raging out about this in the college store. These are onesies … for infants … guess which one is for girls and which one is for boys. THIS is the problem.”

His post then went viral, with strangers everywhere commenting on the outrageous baby gear. We constantly hear about the media – and now, social media – affecting the way women feel about body image.

Does this reinforce the negative ideas about a woman’s confidence, and at such a young age? Some may argue that the baby girl can’t read, so who cares what is written on her clothes. However, you can’t help but question the complete contrast in the above onesies.

Personally, I’d prefer my baby girl to feel ‘SUPER’ about herself than hate her thighs.

After multiple livid comments on Jason’s initial post, NYU responded, almost instantly, with the statement below.

We think we would have to agree with you on this one, Jason. What do you think of NYU selling this onesie? Tell us in the comments!

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