Bay Reacts to Peekaboo In The Funniest Way

Bay Reacts to Peekaboo In The Funniest Way

Angela Markus

Peekaboo is the timeless game that can make any baby smile. No matter timid or bubbly, a baby with any type of personality loves the suspense of a silly adult popping out from behind their hands. Every now and then, we come across a peekaboo reaction that’s so good, we have to share it with everyone! 

This family manages to capture the cutest reaction from their little one during a game of peekaboo. The siblings are off camera making ghoulish noises, encouraging the 5-month-old baby to respond with her own version of scary noises. Games like peekaboo are supposed to induce giggle as babies begin to grasp the concept that things exist even when they are out of sight, but that does not seem to be the case with this fun-loving baby. 

The mixed emotions of Kierslyn’s face send you on the roller coaster ride of emotions. We weren’t sure whether to feel sorry for her, or crack up laughing! The person recording the clip encourages her siblings to make her laugh after realizing that the game might be a little scary for the toddler. Even so, Kierslyn seems to have the same reaction despite.

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