Adorable Toddler Can’t Handle Her New Toy

Adorable Toddler Can’t Handle Her New Toy

Jamaica Bravo

This little one’s reaction to a Jack-In-the-Box toy is the most dramatic ever!

Though this toddler may start out the video acting like she’s not at all interested in the toy, it becomes clear pretty quickly that this is only because she has no idea what it is.

To be fair, if you’ve never seen a Jack-In-The-Box before, at first it basically is just a pretty boring music box. Mom spins the handle on the side and annoying repetitive music plays…great. Or so this little girl seems to be thinking.

After a few glances at the boring old box, she starts playing with another toy and runs out of the living room and into the kitchen to play. But the second that the toy monkey Jack-In-The-Box pops open, this drama queen’s reaction is hilarious! She lets out a shriek, then moments later comes bolting back into the view around the couch.

She may not have known what the noise was, but she knows it came from that toy, so she goes running right over to mom. And oh, the disappointment on her face when she sees the same boring old box again!

This sweet little girl has the saddest about-to-cry face we have ever seen. You’ve got to take a look at the moment where she finally sees what the toy does. Her reaction is just plain silly. It would hurt our ears if she wasn’t so completely precious!

This little cherub is definitely the cutest toddler who ever figured out how to work a Jack-In-The-Box toy.

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