Sassy Baby Refuses To Say The Word “Dad”

Sassy Baby Refuses To Say The Word “Dad”

Erika Carter

Some kids are just born sassy — and this baby is definitely one of them.

Sitting with her father on the couch in their living room, this little girl straight up refuses to say the word “dad.” He prompts her time after time, oftentimes staring at the camera and smiling because he knows what she’s going to say next…and it isn’t his name.

“Dad” he says, looking amused.

“Mom!” his daughter shrieks, oftentimes laughing as if she knows what she’s doing.

It truly is hilarious to watch and wonder if the little girl’s mom set her up to do this. If so, it’s a pretty hilarious prank. We hope the dad doesn’t get too discouraged, though. You can tell that the two have a great bond and really love one another — even if she doesn’t show that love with her words!

Has this ever happened with any of your kids? How did you get them to come around? Let us know!

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