Baby Scares Baby Cousin… Look At That Face!

Baby Scares Baby Cousin… Look At That Face!

Angela Markus

Toddlers are very smart. Despite being brand new to Earth, they have enough sense to understand the feelings and the reactions of other babies around them. You will see that with the two handsome boys in the following video.

If you have a cousin, you know that it is like having a best friend, especially if the two of you are close in age and have grown up together.

The mothers of these two boys are recording the interaction of one cousin innocently playing with his younger cousin. At first, they’re both calm, enjoying one another’s company.

But then things change. Aggravated by his cousins loud roar, the younger cousin, bursts out into a terrible cry. As irritated as he is, his face is too darn cute not to laugh!

This little guy thought his baby cousin was enjoying the play time. What happened? Hopefully in a few years these cousins will look back and laugh off this adorable misunderstanding.

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