Baby Uses His Great-Grandmother’s Walking Aid To Take His First Steps

Baby Uses His Great-Grandmother’s Walking Aid To Take His First Steps

Angela Markus

They’re your baby’s biggest fans and your best babysitters. They are also that go-to resource when it comes to parenting advice (after all, they’re old pros!). There’s a lot to love when it comes to grandparents and great-grandparents. Children learn a lot from their parents in the early years of their development. This little guy is attempting to make his first stroll and called upon someone with a little more experience than most to help take those first steps—his 90-year-old great-grandmother.

Probably no milestone is as chock-full of thrills, chills, and excitement as your baby’s first steps. During your baby’s first year, they are busy developing coordination and muscle strength in every part of their body. From then on, it’s a matter of gaining confidence and balance. One day your child’s standing against the couch – maybe sliding along it – and the next he’s tottering hesitantly into your waiting arms.

This heartwarming footage shows this little man catching a ride on his great-grandmother’s walking aid. Both his mother and his great-grandmother are excited for one of the most monumental moments in a child’s life. Although the clip is in another language, one can get the sense that he is offered encouragement as he continues to toddle forward under the watchful eye of his great-grandma.

The clip concludes with the little boy making it all the way over to the person filming before sharing that beautiful smile.

Way to go kid!

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