Baby Has A Very Intense Conversation With Her Dad On The Phone

Baby Has A Very Intense Conversation With Her Dad On The Phone

Angela Markus

Kids are like sponges; they tend to absorb almost everything in their surroundings. They will try to copy behaviors and actions they see from parents, siblings, and other family members. Just watch this adorable little girl.

Besides the computer, the cellphone is one of our most commonly used items. This baby must watch her mom or dad talk on their cell phone often, because she looks like she’s a little adult telling her father some vital information that could not wait until he got home.

This little princess is being taken care of by her aunt, but when dad calls she has some news for him. When dad ask if she is enjoying being looked after by her aunt, I think she starts to talk her special talk so the aunt wouldn’t understand what she is saying.

She isn’t quite able to speak the English language yet, but she can fluently speak a language of her own, and she surely has a whole lot to say. Dad might not understand either, so he indulges her baby for a minute or so and she is taking the opportunity to let it all out.

This one-sided conversation will surely be the best thing you see all day.

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