Baby Has The Funniest Conversation With Dad

Baby Has The Funniest Conversation With Dad

Angela Markus

No matter what the age may be, all kids talk. Now whether their parents can understand the conversation is another story.

This baby girl is having a very important and intense conversation with her dad. Please do not try to interrupt her! This video is sure to bring you laughs as the little beauty does not allow anyone to get a word in edgewise. Adorable!

You are sure to laugh out loud when you hear this little princess have a full blown conversation with her father in her language. In the backseat of a car, the little one goes on nonstop. This is not a chinwag, this is an intense conversation. What do you think she is saying?

Accompanied by animation and direct eye contact that goes from mom to dad, the pretty in pink baby is clearly trying to get her points across. The mom tries to fill the dad in on what his baby has been up to, but she quickly drowns out mom with her fast-paced speech. I can’t stop laughing!

Her dad tries to join in on the conversation by asking her questions. The baby responds as though she completely understands. He also tries initiating one of their favorite songs “Hot Potato, Hot Potato.” She quickly responds with a retort of her own. Isn’t she a doll? Could you imagine those future years when she can initiate a conversation where her parents truly understand?

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