This Is How You Make a Backless Bra Right at Home!

This Is How You Make a Backless Bra Right at Home!

Angela Markus

If you’ve ever passed on that gorgeous low-back top or dress due to qualms about what bra to wear with it, here’s a quick DIY project that might nix those hesitations in the future. YouTuber Ray Lee posted the design in an earlier post and because of huge demand of how she did it, she decided to post a tutorial on the genius DIY Backless Bra.

Although summer is over, you can still wear that sexy low back outfit under a jacket. Do not worry about your sewing ability, just remember to be careful.

You will need, a bra that you may not use, a pair of scissors, sewing pins, needle and thread.

She first cuts one strap off the back and cuts off the excess material at the end of the bone of the cup. She then does the same thing to the other side. She then attaches the straps to the bottom of the cups with the sewing pins.

Then, she suggests trying on the bra to see if it fits perfectly. Once that is determined, she sews the straps in place. That easy.

Ray suggests when wearing your new bra, no sudden movements, or you may have sudden embarrassing moments. This genius idea allows you to upcycle your bras and not spend a fortune on the expensive alternatives.


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