This Backyard Shed Looks Normal From The Outside. But The Inside? GET ME ONE!

This Backyard Shed Looks Normal From The Outside. But The Inside? GET ME ONE!

Sophia Gioiello

Backyard sheds aren’t usually known for their carefully thought out design or immaculate organization. Usually, they turn into a place that your family can store ALL the extra junk.

It’s very rare that you come across a shed that doubles as the best part of your home. Well, we’re about to change everything you think you know about cluttered and disorganized backyard sheds.

With some extra work and genius design, they have turned their backyard sheds into fully functioning pubs! Whether you want to stop by for a casual glass of wine or celebrate with birthday shots, these backyard sheds are the place to be!

This is “The Cave Inn” from the outside.


But the inside? Party time!


Welcome to “The Ootback Inn.” Looks normal, right?


Wrong! According to the sign below, there is some serious trouble making going on in there!


Here is the outside of “The Dog House.” It looks like your standard man cave from the outside.


But when you step inside, it’s time for a cold brew! They even have beer on tap!


This backyard dungeon is accurately named “The Shed,” and it doesn’t look like much from the outside.


But once the front door opens, it’s time to cut loose! Who’s up for a game of darts?


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