This Bacon-Crusted Spare Rib Recipe Is a Meat Lovers Dream Come True!

This Bacon-Crusted Spare Rib Recipe Is a Meat Lovers Dream Come True!

Erika Carter

This recipe that you’re about to see is the definition of heaven for every meat lover out there. If you love spare ribs and you love bacon, then prepare to be blown away by what the BBQ Pit Boys are about to show you.

On the menu tonight — bacon crusted spare ribs. We begin.

There is a three-pound slab of thick-cut back put on the grill to smoke for three hours. Just walk away and leave it there to slowly smoke. Then we see the ribs. There are two racks of St. Louis cut ribs. They look great already.

The ribs have beer poured all over them and then they are scored and seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic and a little “Texas heat” seasoning. They are put in the grill on indirect heat for three hours. The barbecue master drinks the rest of the beer.

After that time the barbecue master takes them out and performs the Texas cheat. By this, he wraps each rack in aluminum foil and puts them back on the grill to tenderize them. It is really like smoking on a grill. After that period of time, he unwraps them and puts them back on the grill. The bacon is finished smoking. He chops the three pounds of bacon up in very small pieces and uses two pounds of it for the ribs.

The ribs are slathered in good home-made barbecue sauce and then the bacon is pushed into them. They go back on the grill for another hour.

Now the ribs are finished and they look great. They really are bacon-crusted. The ribs are allowed to cool and the barbecue master cuts them into individual pieces and all the cooks eat. Of course, they apologize for eating in front of everyone, but it is too good to wait. They consider it a cook’s privilege.

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