Bacon Onion Covered Meatballs Are Almost Too Delicious To Handle

Bacon Onion Covered Meatballs Are Almost Too Delicious To Handle

Jamaica Bravo

Holy Guacamole! Hold the chips and get ready for some a new, and amazing appetizers that are not only delicious, but packed with protein!

In addition to a fantastic appetizer, these would also be the perfect post-workout meal to help your muscles rebuild to be strong and hardy. They are called Bacon Onion Covered Meatballs  and watching this tutorial on how to make them is sure to have you salivating in minutes!

All you need is:

Glass mixing bowl

Cutting board

Deep metal pan

Digital meat thermometer

One small sauce dish

1 lb. Ground beef

½ c. Shredded parmesan


Crushed garlic, to taste

1 Egg

1 Yellow onion

1 Packet of bacon

Barbecue sauce or hot chili sauce of your choice

First, Preheat Oven to 425 degrees fahrenheit. Lightly oil your hands with any kind of cooking oil so that your ingredients don’t stick to your fingers.

In your glass mixing bowl, toss in the ground beef, shredded parmesan, your preferred amount of crushed garlic (we adore garlic, so we suggest 2-3 cloves) and a pinch of salt. Use your hands to knead these together until they are well mixed.

After these ingredients have been well-combined, crack one egg inside the bowl. Put a bit more oil on your hands, and knead the egg into the meat and cheese combo.

After thoroughly washing your hands, grab your cutting board, and slice off the very tips of both sides of your onion. Very carefully pull each layer of your onion apart, so that each “circle” remains intact as much as possible. Grab a hefty handful of your meat mixture and fill each onion ring with it, before closing your onion ring back around the meat, forming a ball of goodness.

Holding your stuffed onion closed, use 3-5 pieces of raw bacon around the meatball onion, in varying directions to help it remain shut while it cooks.

Lightly oil a deep metal pan, of any length and width, but be sure to make certain it’s deep enough for your onions to be fully protected by the sides.

Place each bacon wrapped bacon wrapped stuffed onion inside.

Once your pan is full, slide it into the oven and cook for about 45 minutes, or until the bacon appears brown. Do not remove from the oven, but slide out the tray and insert your digital meat thermometer into the center of the ground beef.

Finally, indulge in a mouthwatering appetizer that is sure to please any crowd!

You’re welcome!

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