Balloon Released At Father’s Grave Made Its Way Back To Family’s Home

Balloon Released At Father’s Grave Made Its Way Back To Family’s Home

Angela Markus

For any family, the loss of a husband and father is an unmatched emotional pain. If you’ve ever experienced such a loss, you’ll understand the pain this Oklahoma widow, Sandy Seibold, and her teenage daughter, Saige, are going through.

This past father’s day was painful for the two ladies having lost husband and father John a couple of months earlier. After being diagnosed with cancer in September of last year, he sadly lost his battle eight months later. The hurt is revisited every day, especially at sporting events and on holidays.

Saige says that her father “was a great person.”

On father’s day, Sandy and Saige decided to do something special for John. They visited his grave site and Sandy thought it would be lovely to release some balloons to John in heaven.

The balloons were accompanied with a special message. The Siebold women asked whoever found the message to please return it to the address on the note.

The release did not go very well at first. The ribbons attached to the balloons got tangled in power lines. Disheartened, Sandy prayed to God for the balloons to untangle and make it on its way. Sandy’s prayers were answered after a strong wind untangled the balloons.

In a peculiar twist, something unexpected happened. When the two returned to their home 25 miles north, they noticed something tangled in their fence. It was the balloon with the message they sent to their father. It made its way home.

John let his two girls know he is alright and free.

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