So THIS is How To Make a Banana Cake in My Slow Cooker

So THIS is How To Make a Banana Cake in My Slow Cooker

Erika Carter

I don’t know about everyone else, but I absolutely love love LOVE banana cake. Though I don’t really enjoy bananas on their own, I enjoy any sort of dessert that incorporates them. So much so, in fact, that I purchase bananas every week at the grocery store for the sole purpose of turning them into this yummy dessert! What can I say? When you’ve got a sweet tooth as severe as mine, you have to make a point to include fruits in your desserts so they’re not absolutely so terrible for you!

While I’ve always loved my grandmother’s banana cake recipe, I’ve grown somewhat tired of making the same recipe every month or so and have been looking for a new recipe to change things up. Now I need to look no further because ladies and gentlemen, Chrissie of Mediocre Mum, the popular UK parenting blog, just changed the game when it comes to banana cake and bread.

Though the recipe is fairly simple and straightforward, the difference is that she makes it in a slow cooker. The end result is topped with a looks moist and delicious and is topped with a yummy cream cheese frosting. Thank you, Chrissie! I’ll be trying your fabulous recipe later this week!

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