These Band-Aid Hacks Will Change Your Life

These Band-Aid Hacks Will Change Your Life

Angela Markus

The Band-Aid has been paramount throughout our lives as it has been covering up our cuts and scrapes for decades. However, the importance of the Band-Aid is understated. Without these invaluable items, cuts would get infected which could lead to diseases. From time to time, the CrazyRussianHacker entertains us with his clever hacks, and here he is showing us some incredible Band-aid tricks. If you always have problems with your Band-aids staying on, watch and learn.

Crazy Russian shows us how to apply a Band-Aid on different parts of your hand, which is the body part that is subjected to the most cuts. For instance, if you get a cut on your thumb, he shows us how to cut the Band-Aid so it stays perfectly and protects the cut. It should be noted that butterfly Band-Aids work just as well, but in the event you are out, he shows us how to customize a regular Band-Aid. He also offers some insight on why the bigger Band-Aids are better.

In the unfortunate event of getting a cut on your knuckle, he cuts a v into the shortest sides of a large Band-Aid. This hack is neat because it allows us to move the injured finger without issue. He also shows us the best way to apply a Band-Aid.

After watching this clip, I realized I have been applying my Band-Aids all wrong. What do you think?

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