3-Year-Old Paints Her Barbie with Nail Polish and Dads Confronts Her

3-Year-Old Paints Her Barbie with Nail Polish and Dads Confronts Her

Jamaica Bravo

Uh oh. Sophia did a naughty thing — she painted her Barbies with nail polish without asking her parents permission. Tsk tsk tsk. She’s certainly not the first little girl to commit such a crime, however, luckily, she has an affectionate father who understands how his little kiddo’s mind works.

Instead of yelling at her, Daddy sits her down in her room and breaks out the video camera. Filming their conversation for future reference, he gently asks her, “Okay so Sophie, you just painted your Barbie with nail polish, right?” and then gives her a chance to respond. Her defense will have you laughing out loud!

Who does she come up with to blame for her wrongdoing?

Why, Barbie, herself, of course.

“She told me to!” the little girl exclaims, “She told me a hundred times!”

My favorite part of the video, however, isn’t even little Sophie’s hilarious reasoning. Rather, it’s the way her father calmly and lovingly listens to her entire story, and instead of making the crying girl feel worse by calling her out for lying, he gently walks her through her own thought process, inviting her to express herself. This father, who clearly has a solid understanding of child development, knows that his little girl may not be ready for him to reduce her argument to absurdity, so though he obviously doesn’t believe her story, he goes along with it, and each time the little girl insists that her Barbies did, and will in the future, yell at her to paint their nails, Dad continues to bring her back to the point he wants to make.

“They’ll say ‘yes’,” Sophis insists, “I’ll say ‘no’, but then they’ll say ‘yes’ a hundred times!” she cries.

And each time, Dad calmly drives his point home, “Okay so they’ll say ‘yes’, but then what are you going to say?”

And each time, he gets his little one to answer, “I’ll say ‘no’.”

What an amazing parent! Sohpie is just too precious! 

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