Did You Know You Can Make Croutons From Your Old Bread? Here’s How!

Did You Know You Can Make Croutons From Your Old Bread? Here’s How!

Jamaica Bravo

Salad is my all-time favorite meal, simply because it’s so versatile. Pretty much anything can be a salad. Just mix in a few of your favorite ingredients, like potato and mayo or arugula and chicken, and bam! You’ve got yourself a salad!

But salads can easily be ordinary. What makes a salad special is the intricate toppings you adorn it with. The only thing that distinguishes a salad from a  stack of lettuce is what you top it with. So before you become a victim to a boring salad, here’s an easy recipe you can make to take your greens up a notch.

Deronda with Foods101 shows us her basic croutons recipe and when you see just how simple it is to make, you’ll be running to the kitchen. She lets her sourdough bread sit out of the bag overnight to dry out.

She dips her pastry brush in some olive oil and brushes over each side of her bread slices. Then, she cuts off the crust from her bread and slices and dices them. At the same time, Deronda is preheating her oven to 400 degrees so that she can pop her bread right in.

But before she does that, she seasons her bread with cracked pepper and kosher salt.

Finally, she places the bread on a cookie tray and bakes them. After 20 minutes, she pulls them out and reveals the perfect croutons!

These crispy treats taste delicious on top of any salad or soup. Enjoy!

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