This Compilation of BatDad and His WIfe Jen Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

This Compilation of BatDad and His WIfe Jen Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Angela Markus

This has to be one of the funniest collection of vines you have ever seen. BatDad, Blake, has become a viral sensation on Vine and YouTube with his incredibly hysterical antics involving his family while portraying the role of the ever-popular Caped Crusader.

The amazingly comical vigilante dons the Batman mask and trolls his family while doing mundane everyday tasks. While his kids may enjoy the amusements of BatDad and his playful antics, his wife is sometimes not amused. Watch as he compiled an entertaining assortment of BatDad trolling/annoying his wife, Jen.

His antics includes scaring Jen when she least suspects it almost everywhere in the house, including the kitchen, laundry room, and bedroom. He also scolds her for using Spider-Man cups instead of Bat gear. Even better, the kids get involved in the fun, too.

“JEN! Save some of that chocolate sauce… for later in the Batcave.”

With several million Vine subscribers, Blake Wilson has drawn significant success from coverage in the media, even appearing on Today show to talk about his project. Despite the attention, he says that when it comes down to it, BatDad is just for fun. And in terms of opportunities that may come from its success, his family will be his first consideration.

Although there are several funny compilations, this one featuring Jen is ridiculous. Could you imagine being his wife? Her facial expressions are priceless.

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