Check Out These Eight Awesome Bathroom Gadgets!

Bathroom Gadgets

Check Out These Eight Awesome Bathroom Gadgets!

Patrick Dangermond

I feel like there are two places that I always need to change something: my kitchen and my bathroom. Whether it’s because of changing technology or just to give things a little refresher, I love to find new items to spruce up these rooms.

Here’s a list of some particularly cool things that I found for the bathroom. Some will make your bathroom more fun for your kids and some will just add a little something extra to your bathroom. If you like some of these items, you can click on any of the links and buy it for yourself!





Help Sink Plug

Give your sink or bath tub a little bit of whimsy with this adorable sink plug!


LED Faucet Head

Add a bit of color to your water with an LED sink light! It doesn’t effect your water at all and comes in 7 brilliant colors!


Shaving Pedestal

This a necessity for me. Putting a pedestal in has made it SO much easier to shave and saves me from bending over!


D. Dog toilet tissue paper holder

Add a bit of whimsy to your bathroom with this hilarious toilet paper holder! I’m sure it’ll leave your friends talking.


Thermometer Spout Cover

This is a bathroom essential if you have small children. It tells you the water temperature while you fill the tub!


Toothpaste Roller

Never have to worry about rolling up toothpaste again! Get this little device to help you out!


Flo Water Deflector & Bubble Bath Dispenser

Make bath time fun! This deflector turns your faucet into a mini-waterfall and dispenses soap at the same time!


Aqueduck Faucet Extender

Kids are usually too short to reach the faucet. This cute addition to your home will extend it so they can reach!



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