These BBQ Hacks Will Take Summer Parties To The Next Level!

These BBQ Hacks Will Take Summer Parties To The Next Level!

Angela Markus

Summer is still here and barbecue season is in full swing. Here are the perfect tips to make your favorite activity more efficient!

Grilling purists may look down on gas grills, but no one can argue with the fact that grilling over gas is quicker and easier than using charcoal. Who doesn’t appreciate the convenience of being able to come home from work and have a grilled dinner on the table in less than an hour?

To ensure there is enough propane in the tank, pour a glass of warm water on the tank. The propane level of the tank is where the coldness starts.

Who doesn’t love a grilled hotdog? The party favorite can take forever to cook. You can speed up the process if you push a skewer through the hotdog and make a spiral marking on the outside. That allows the hotdog to cook at a faster rate, and for your condiments to stay in place. The kids will love the design as well.

Another issue that can arise is the organization of condiments. Don’t use multiple plastic containers that will require a massive cleanup effort in the end, use a muffin tray. All the condiments can be in one place. Perfect!

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