Only A True Texan Can Come Up With A BBQ Pulled Pork Mac N Cheese Recipe Like This!

Only A True Texan Can Come Up With A BBQ Pulled Pork Mac N Cheese Recipe Like This!

Jamaica Bravo

Are you looking for a twist on one of our favorite comfort foods? No need to look any further than this Pulled Pork Mac N Cheese made by Chris at Mother’s BBQ. Our eyes are bulging after watching this recipe come together and our stomachs are dying for us to make it!

This quick and easy recipe is made by simmering some diced onions in butter and and milk until the sauce really starts to thicken. Add in some barbecue sauce, cream cheese, and shredded Monterey Jack and Cheddar and you’ve got yourself the beginnings of a delicious home-cooked meal that anyone would love.

The kicker in this recipe is the slow-cooked, pulled pork. Mother’s BBQ has a great pulled pork recipe, but by the looks of it, you could toss in your tried and true family recipe and it would be sure to please a crowd. Oh and in case you were wondering, now you add the noodles to put the “mac” in your cheese.

But we’re not even done just yet! That entire concoction goes into a cast iron skillet and is topped with a generous portion of Panko bread crumbs and more Monterey Jack cheese to make a crunchy topping. Chris sticks the filled cast iron pan into a Traegger Wood Pellet Grill heated to about 325 degrees with mesquite wood. But for those of us without a special grill like that, we think an oven will work just fine. Thirty to forty minutes later, there’s this golden brown pan of oozing, cheesy, goodness!

If you love Mac N Cheese… (okay, let’s be honest, who really doesn’t?) then you should really give this recipe a try. Your stomach and taste buds will be so glad you did! If you go back for seconds, we promise we won’t tell anyone.

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