Learn How to Make Beach Party Cupcakes Using Teddy Grahams and Graham Crackers!

Learn How to Make Beach Party Cupcakes Using Teddy Grahams and Graham Crackers!

Kendall Conners

It’s already May – can you believe it?! So far 2015 has flown by. Before we know it, summer will be here and we’ll be enjoying warm summer nights, barbecues with friends and, of course, trips to the beach!

In the meantime, while we’re waiting for temps to rise and for the season to officially begin, let’s take matters into our own hands by bringing the beach home with us. You can take a trip to the beach right in your own kitchen with these adorable beach party cupcakes!

These ridiculously cute beach party cupcakes are so simple to make and are sure to be the hit of any party. Not to mention that the kids will have so much fun making them – my kids love decorating these adorable little treats!

This cupcake recipe can vary depending on how you want to decorate them and how much work you want to put in them. We found this recipe from Uncommon Designs and fell in love with it, mainly for its simplicity.


For this recipe, all you’re going to need are: cupcakes, graham crackers, Teddy Grahams, a fruit roll up and paper umbrellas.

The ladies at Uncommon Designs decided to buy store bought cupcakes, but you can choose to make your own if you like. The only requirement for the cupcakes is that the frosting is blue.

From there all you have to do is crush up the graham crackers (which will be the sand on the beach) and sprinkle it on one side of the cupcake. Then, break off a piece of a fruit roll up (which will be the beach towel) and put it on top of the graham crackers. Then top if off with a Teddy Graham and paper umbrella, and you’ve got yourself an adorable beach scene!


For a little more instruction watch the adorable video below from YouTuber CharlisCraftyKitchen.

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