Man Shares Some Cuddles With A Gigantic Bear

Man Shares Some Cuddles With A Gigantic Bear

Angela Markus

Next to the adorableness of babies, animals sharing special moments with humans evoke all types of heart-tugging emotions. The bond between man and animal is sometimes a strange one, especially when that bond involves a 600-pound bear.

It is hard to gauge just how huge a Grizzly bear actually gets because you rarely see a fully grown one standing next to an upright (and living) human being. At least, not until now. Humans have an inherent fear of grizzly bears, and that is rightfully so. These animals can be dangerous, but this footage proves otherwise.

This Russian man does not seem to have a fear of being mauled by a giant bear with huge claws. Instead, he enjoys hugs and a whole lot of love. This bear is incredibly huge and amazingly friendly.  He and his friend enjoy each other’s company, and as charming as this is, the sight of his claws quickly cautions what this big fella is capable of.

There is no question that the grizzly is the master of its habitat, and can easily overpower any animal. According to, their life spans range from 20 to 30 years, they are usually solitary animals but do not mind socializing if food is close by.

How brave it this man?

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