6-Year-Old Boy Discover He’s About To Be a Big Brother and His Reaction Is Adorable!

6-Year-Old Boy Discover He’s About To Be a Big Brother and His Reaction Is Adorable!

Jamaica Bravo

It’s always nerve-racking telling your only-child, that he’s about to become a big brother. Every parent tries to find the best way to do this so that their little one will still feel fully loved and be excited by the news. It’s a bit nerve-racking, and  parents can feel like a lot of pressure is placed on them to convey the message just right.

Well, Irish Dad Tommy Dooley knows his six-year-old son pretty well. He came up with a unique, fun, and smart way to break the news and videoed the interaction.

The six-year-old was asked to put on a new shirt — a red one with a blue symbol painted on it — then to sit down in the living room. You can tell from his expression at the start of the video he’s a little nervous. The poor kid is probably worried he’s about to get in trouble. Or so we can guess, from the way he sits demurely, hands in his lap, his brow furrowed, he’s waiting to hear what his parents have to say.

His mom begins by asking him if he’s ready, and after a brief, anxious nod from their son, she hands her son a stack of index cards, one-by-one, each with a brief message. Then, the little boy begins to read the phrases out loud:

“I know you have been wishing and praying for me for a long time now…” the first card says.

Then, the next card reads, “I’m sorry I took so long to get here.”

At this point, their son is now looking up at his parents, clearly curious, and reaches out eagerly for the next one, which reads, “But I am here now. Look at your t-shirt.”

We’re not quite sure what the symbol on the shirt means to the little boy. It looks a bit like a chromosome, but whether this six-year-old has already been taught about chromosomes, we  haven’t the faintest. All we know is that when he looks down at the blue symbol on his shirt, he suddenly gets it!  

With an excited smile, he looks at his mom and exclaims, “You’re pregnant!” then jumps into her arms.

The ensuing shrieks, hugs, and tears, are definitely worth the watch. This family’s’ joy is absolutely contagious.

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