He Removes A Beehive Using His Bare Hands…WOW!

Bee Hive Removal

He Removes A Beehive Using His Bare Hands…WOW!

Bethany Burrows

I have been stung by bees so many times that I have developed a healthy fear of those buzzing little insects.

When we had hives around the house when I was a kid, my dad would always wait until night to kill the bees and remove the hive. But in India, they have a VERY different method.

They use a method to remove the bees that doesn’t harm them, that way the hive can be relocated to a new location.

He starts the removal process by burning leaves and allowing the smoke to surround the hive. Smoke makes the bees believe their hive is on fire which causes them take as much honey as they can and head out of the hive. Because they’re so full of honey they become docile and unlikely to sting.

Once they are in their docile state he runs his hand down the hive to collect the bees and blows them away.

This is truly one of the most incredible things I’ve seen in nature- and this guy is BRAVE! Once the hive has been removed they relocate it to a less residential area and the bees can go home!

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