They Were Asked Why They Love Being a Mom … Their Answers Will Make You Smile

They Were Asked Why They Love Being a Mom … Their Answers Will Make You Smile

Kendall Conners

If you were to ask 100 different women how they would define motherhood, they’d each give a different answer. Many would say it’s the toughest job you’ll ever have, some might say motherhood is synonymous with servanthood, while others would say being a mom fills a void in your heart you never even knew you had.

Merriam-Webster would define motherhood as the state of being a mother, or the qualities or spirit of a mother. How boring, right?

While each of us define this all-encompassing word in many different ways, one underlying meaning remains the same —unconditional love. No matter who you are or where you’re from, it’s safe to say that in one way or another, every mom knows what it feels like to give and receive unconditional love.

Your child projectile vomited all over your new sweater? That’s okay, you still love ‘em. Your toddler thought it’d be a good idea to drop your phone in the toilet? Unconditional love will get you through this one.

With Mother’s Day right around the corner we couldn’t help but wonder — what is the absolute best part about motherhood? From the days of Cheerios and sippy cups, to proms and soccer games, to college graduations, what memories and feelings do moms hold most dear to their heart?

So, we asked a few moms out there (and pulled a few of our favorite celebrity mom quotes) and rounded up some responses to the question: what’s your favorite part about being a mom?

Kids remind us that there’s always time to stop and smell the flowersMomQuotes-BeafSis

Nothin’ like that unconditional motherly loveMomQuotes-Mom

Creating new memories with your mom = best. thing. ever.MomQuotes-Ash

Couldn’t have said it better myself!MomQuotes-SallyField

Pride in a job well doneMomQuotes-MIL

Family is everythingMomQuotes-SophsGrandma

It’s all about the journeyMomQuotes-HeidiNow THIS is what it’s all aboutMomQuotes-CourtneyCox

Motherhood in a nutshellMomQuotes-SophsMom


If someone were to ask YOU this same question, what would you say? Please share with us in the comments — we’d love to hear what motherhood means to you!

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