Woman’s Belly Button Piercing Goes Terribly Wrong. This Is Why She Says ‘Mom Was Right’…

Woman’s Belly Button Piercing Goes Terribly Wrong. This Is Why She Says ‘Mom Was Right’…

Angela Markus

Ladies of all ages love piercings. A select few love belly button piercings even though, of all the piercings, it takes the longest to heal, according to Young Women’s Health. A young lady figured that out the painful way when her belly button piercing went terribly wrong.

When she was 16-years old, this young woman admits to wanting her belly button pierced because ‘a majority of her friends were doing it.’ Now 23, she still regrets it. She tells the story of an alarming lesson. The teen begged and pleaded with her parents for permission to get the piercing which she finally got in the form of signed papers.

Going on the recommendation of her friends, she and her parents went to get her piercing. The problem was the building was ‘rundown’ and did not look like an appropriate piercing parlor. Nevertheless, she finally got it, and she actually thought that it made her feel happy about herself. But her problems had just begun.





The softball player was mid-season, and she soon saw signs of an infection. Even though she cleaned her navel as instructed, she knew something was wrong.



During a softball game, she was running to the home plate, and it happened. The navel ring got caught on the plate and was pulled out of her navel. Ouch!

There was an abundance of blood accompanied by pain and the shame of being warned by her parents. But the teen was not the only person to undergo such a dreadful outcome of a belly button piercing. Many young women experience infections after getting navel piercings.

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This type of piercing pose the most problems because the navel and the skin surrounding the piercing area quickly collect sweat and bacteria, according to Livestrong.

“Now I have a scar that will constantly remind me of a decision I should have never made in the first place.” Mom was right.

Be mindful if you intend to get a belly button piercing. For more on this story, visit IJREVIEW.

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